Christmas Card at ZERO $’s

I love photo cards especially now that we have a little one. It can get pricey though ording for family, friends and co-workers. I have priced out different card through Wal-mart, Target, CVS, Shutterfly, etc. I found that Costco’s has great designs and only for .29 a print and no shipping! You do have to be a Costco memeber to order or bug a friend.

It gets better though. You can create your card and than right click “save as” to your computer. You can choose to save it as a bmp or jpg. Then you can e-mail it out to family and friends. You can even write a Christmas Letter in your e-mail. This will cost you ZERO $’s! I am going to order a smaller batch (at Costco’s it’s 14.99 for 50 ct) for family and close friends. And then for others, I’ll e-mail it out. No waste.

The below is an example. It’s not our Christmas card but I photo I took during a session (I’m a photographer on the side).




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