Need a Diaper Deal…

My son is allergic to pampers. I had to sell all those great deals I got on Pampers! I am using LUVS right now which were fine when he was an infant and we changed him every hour or so.  They are not cutting it for us now.  They don’t last through the night either. I thought we would try Huggies, especially at night. Anyone see any good Huggie deals out there? They usualy run .28 – 30 cents! I’ve been so fortunate to get diapes (Pampers) for as low at .7.

Anyone recommend any other diapers we can try? Thanks



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2 responses to “Need a Diaper Deal…

  1. Stephanie

    Rite aid will be having another $10 off 3 MIR next week. Go to EBay and buy some $1.50 off 1 Huggies coupons (well worth it). Also, sign up for caregiver’s marketplace to get $1 rebate for each jumbo pack of Huggies you buy.

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