Huggies Diaper Coupon Give Away

I have tons of coupons for Huggies, and since some expire by 7/31 – I thought I would hold a contest! I have 5 $1 coupons off Huggie Diapers. I do like huggies, and do use them frequently; I just don’t see myself getting to the store before they expire. I think I even have some .50 off wipe coupons that expire 7/31 too.

So here goes – leave a comment, that’s all – you could tell me a cute or funny story about your baby if you want. Create a link to this post and get extra “names” in the hat. Since these expire so quickly, Winner will be chosen Thursday, the 24th so i can mail these out on the 25th for, hopefully, Saturday delivery – a few days to catch the new ads.



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3 responses to “Huggies Diaper Coupon Give Away

  1. Karen

    Could I get these coupons too? Thank you!

  2. Lela

    Congrats Karen – you were my only entry so you win. I’ll send an e-mail to get your addy to send these out today.

  3. Well, you were my only entry too LOL I’ll send these out first thing in the AM if you send me your addy – did you just want the pampers ones?

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