Target Shopping 7/7

The postman was kind to me yesterday bringing me a Target Coupon booklet, Gerber coupons and Pamper coupons.


Target Deals


Pampers Mega Pack on sale for $16.99

$5/1 Target coupon (and buy wipes)

$4/1 Super Mega Pack of diapers – Pamper insert

Total $7.99


Pampers Wipes $12.99

Used $1.50/1 coupon

Total $11.49 – around .01 a wipe


3x ALL concentrate $3.99

$1/1 Manufacture coupon

$1.50/1 Target Coupon

Total $1.49 for 32 loads


Zout Stain Remover $2.99

FREE after rebate


3 3-6 mth bodysuits on clearance for $1.98

(Upcoming shower gifts)


3 Huggies 16 count wipes $.97

3 $1/1 coupon

FREE plus overage


1 Butt Paste $.97

$1/1 coupon

FREE plus overage


1 single bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios $.97

$1/1 coupon

FREE plus overage


1 Maybelline Mascara on sale for $2.78

$1/1 coupon

Total – $1.78


6 Jars of Gerber foods at $4.66

$1/6 coupon

Making them $3.66


2 pair of slacks on clearance from $24.99 to $6.24

1 pair of 24 mth camouflage shorts

Clearance $.97


1 ribbed t-shirt for $1.98


3 T-shirts on clearance for $4.98 each


A lot of coupons over at the FULL CUP. I just noticed a FREE $5 gift card with the purchase of Pampers diapers/wipes. Not sure if you can combine with the other coupons, but worth a shot!


****update – yes you can use the gift card coupon with the other coupons! At least they let me! I did two transactions so I turned around and used one of the cards right there. See 7/21 entry


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