Happily saving where shopping is a pleasure…


Pamper Diapers 116 ct on sale for 27.99

Used 1/$5

Used 2/$1

They let me use two Publix coupons. Only makes these .18 a diaper which is higher then I normally pay, but still a decent deal. I was going to get the Publix brand diapers but after the coupons, they were the same price.


2 Pasta Salad mixes for 1.39 each.

Used 2/.40 coupons (they doubled)


The following products were bought to go towards a $25 Home Depot Card.


2 Hunts Ketchups  BOGO Free

Rebate here

FREE after rebate


2 Gulden’s Mustards 1.69 each


1 large Peter Pan PB – 5.17

Used 1/$1 coupon


4 cans of Van Camp Beans .85 each

Used 1/.50 coupon off 4 (they doubled)


2 Snack Pack pudding pack for 1.07 each

Used 1/$.50 coupon off 2 (they doubled)


1 Hebrew National hotdogs for 4.49

Used 1/$1


Total 20.33 so meets requirements

Paid after coupons & rebate 15.45

Will receive a $25 gift card

PROFIT $9.55!


8 jars of Beech Nut baby food for $6.50

Used 1/$1.50 coupon


A few others things not with coupons

Wagon wheels

Mixed fruit

Belgian Waffle Mix

Anglesoft Toilet paper (on sale)


Used  $5/$35 coupon


If I was smart, I would of done this in two transactions and used another $5/$35 coupon!


Total OOP $31.35 after coupons & Home Depot Gift Card earned!


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One response to “Happily saving where shopping is a pleasure…

  1. randomactsofthriftiness

    Great job on your shopping!

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