Spend $20 get $25 Home Depot card

My dad told me about a special at Publix.

By $20 worth of Con Agra products get a $25 Home Depot gift card. I didn’t see anything in the paper so I called Publix to verify. It’s true! Go to your costomer service desk for details.

The following are Con Agra products listed on a forum I read:

Chef Boyardee
Hunts ketchup
Peter Pan pb
Snack Pack pudding
Gulden’s mustard
Crunch and Munch
Van Camp’s beans
Hebrew National Hot Dogs
Reddi Whip
Fiddle Faddle
Slim Jim

I also read on a forum that the coupon book at the front of Publix has the following coupons.
$1 off any Hebrew National
$1 off any Peter Pan peanut butter
$.50 off any two Snack Pack 4-packs
$.50 off one Reddi Whip
$.50 off any four Van Camp’s products
$.50 off any four Chefboyardee

In the Sunday paper from 5/31 there was a $5/$35 coupon.


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