Happy Target Shopper

I was thrilled with my Target shopping today.
First I hit the $1 – $2.50 bin at the front of the store. That aisle just sucks me right in! I bought 5 hard back baby books for $1 each – 3 for my son and 2 for my infant nephew = $5
I bought one pack of playing cards with golf clubs to stick in with a gift basket I’ll put together for a friend = $1.

Three hand towels with white stars to send to my 2 sister-in-laws and mother-in-law in Europe – just a little American touch $1 each = $3

Act II popcorn $2.29 with a full rebate = FREE

16 Fl oz bottle of Listerine mouth wash with a FREE 16 oz bottle of Pre-Brush mouth wash on clearance for $2.25 used 1/.50 coupon = $1.75

34 ct LUVS diapers for $6.99 use 1/$2 coupon from the mail (join LUVS mailing list) and $1.50 Target coupon = $3.49 at .10 a diaper.

On clearance aisle is 1 8.2 oz tube of Crest toothpaste with a free travel size paste and floss for .54. I didn’t have a coupon. = .54

6 bags of Lays Crisp on sale for $2.50 used 6/$1 Target Coupons = $9

2 Sobe Water  $1 each – used BOGO Free = $1

2 Kellogg’s single serving cereals .97 each. Used $1 off 2 coupons =.94

Shout Wipes Trail size .97 used 1/$1 coupon –  FREE + overage

Tylenol 8 ct Trail size .97 used 1/$1 coupon = FREE + overage

All Small and Mighty Trail size 1.00 used 1/$1 coupon = FREE

Johnson’s baby shampoo Trail size .97 used 1/$1 coupon = FREE + overage

2 Gerber PJ sets on clearance for $4 used 2/$1 coupon = $6

Total spent = $33.81 (with tax of 3.88)

Would of cost right at $50 with tax. I feel like I got a lot for $34, what do you think? The $9 in gifts were not on the plan, but I love sending little things like this through the mail as a surprise. You can use the trail size coupons for any store, I imagine. I should of printed out several of one kind to get several ALL Mighty or Tylenol, ect; maybe next trip! I might actually take the playing cards back. I know it’s only a $1, but I got to thinking my friend probable won’t use them. I won’t make a special trip for it, but that’s another $1.08 back.

You can find coupons for the trail sizes at Money Saving Mom. She has a bit more listed too that I didn’t use.

Target Coupons can be found at Full Cup 

I always have a hand full of coffee coupons but never see any small .99 sizes. Can anyone tell me where to find these at Target?




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2 responses to “Happy Target Shopper

  1. Looks like a pretty good haul to me. I never seem to find much in the $1 Spot though. The markup there is likely huge since they have made it permanent. I am figuring they are making 60% profit off that section. Pretty smart of them to put it right at the front door. They make their profit in the first 10 minutes or your arrival!

    Thanks for listing me in your blog roll. I have plans of improving my blog after my daughter’s wedding. I hope everyone will hang with me until I get through that.

    Happy Targeting!

  2. us

    Hey Ginger –
    Of course I’ll stick around! I love Target and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in savings. Enjoy your daughter’s wedding. What a fantastic time!
    I try to be frugal even in the $1 bins. I see all the scrapbooking supplies, but remind myself I have way too much already. I use it mainly for small, inexpenisive gifts for family in Europe. The items have to be flat though so I can mail in an envelope. The other day I got a 3-D dinosaur puzzle for my nephew!

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