It’s been a long time since I shopped at Aldi’s. We use to have one within walking distance but now it’s a drive a way. Fortunately, I found one just 2 miles from my work. So this week I ventured over to see what I could get. I spent $89 and did some major shopping. My major shopping at Kroger/Publix’s/Wal-mart usually cost me around $150 plus. I bought tons of canned veggies, meals (chicken, pork chops, pork tenderloin, Salmon, spaghetti etc). I bought frozen lunches and pizza. I bought essentials like butter and bread. Milk was only $2.99 but I had an unopened gallon at home and knew I would waste it more than saving so I skipped that deal. I bought quick breakfasts like cereal, bagels, cream cheese, and English muffins. I bought side dishes like instant potatoes (we usually don’t eat instant but they say 100% Idaho and I’m needing to help cut back on time), applesauce, scalloped potatoes, etc. I bet there is more! The point is I bought 2 weeks (I hope) worth of groceries for $89. You have to bag your own groceries but I have handy cloth bags that I love!

Example – we had Salmon last night. The package was $2 something and it had 4 pieces in it. We have two meals from it. Added some rice and we had a meal for probably less than $1 each!

Aldi’s does carry some name brand items, but they do not take coupons. If you find one near you, just keep in mind to bring your own sacks/boxes and that they don’t take credit cards. Since they are Swedish owned, you can get some great chocolates. I was a good girl and passed right by them!

When I looked at my receipt I noticed that tax on food was only 7.25% not the 9.25% I usually pay. It’s really in the next town over even if it’s only 2 miles away from work.


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  1. I agree – Aldi is a great no-frills store with great prices. At minimum I do once-a-month stock-ups there, and 50% of the time I do my weekly shopping there. We really like their produce, yogurt, cereals, canned goods and dairy products. I occasionally find good gifts in their seasonal products, as well. Oh, and the occasional splurge on 2.99 flower bouquets!

    If you haven’t found The Aldi Queen website, you should go visit at

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