I’m looking for a way to organize all my coupons. I remember growing up my mom had a large packet purse/check book like thing that organized all her coupons. Do they still make those? How do you organize them so they are readily accessible? Do you go by date expired or product?



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  1. Emily

    The easiest thing for me is to leave the coupons in the inserts. I make a stack of the inserts with the newest on top and write the date on the front of them. When I’m searching for a specific coupon, I go straight to the insert I need since it’s organized by date. I think it’s way easier than cutting-out everything and then sorting by labels.

  2. Amy


    They do still sel those coupon organizers that your mom used. Sometimes you can pick one up at Target for a dollar — usually in the home office section. They’re not labeled, but you can make your own.

    I was using one of those, but I recently switched to keeping my coupons in a zippered binder with clear plastic pages. It’s a bit of a beast to carry around, but I can see at a glance whether I have a coupon for something, instead of having to thumb through a coupon file.

    I’ve been meaning to post about this on my blog (with a photo) and your query has prompted me to do that. The posting will be up this weekend — I promise. Check it out at


  3. Lena

    I found my little coupon keeper for maybe $2 a couple of years ago. I file my coupons under products. Coupons usually expire on the 15th and the last day of the month. Double check your supply around those dates. Of course, always use those that expire first. I love, love, love Harris Teeters triple couple days! Remember they submit their ads on the Wednesdays of the months.

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