For those that use a $ amount budget for weekly or monthly groceries, what do you see your biggest obstacles? Do you include toiletries in your grocery budget or is that something separate? How about clothes, gifts and other yearly items you might need? I’m looking for ideas to help manage our budget. We are two working parents, with one parent wanting to go back to school in the fall. Money will be tight but in the long run we are hoping hubby going back to school and getting a higher degree in accounting will help me to stay home. We have one infant, 8 mth, and had thought about  trying again in the fall for #2. I think right now, that plan might have to be on hold. With two infants, I would have to stay home (and we actually are doing IVF – so the possibiity of twins is high). I want to start budgeting and saving now so we can make our dream our reality.


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