This week’s savings

Here are my two shopping trips from Friday.

Wal – greens

6 2-pack Gerber Baby foods on sale for $1.29 each

1 8-pack of Irish spring soap for $5.49

1 Bounty roll (this was my filler)

1 pack of 34 ct Huggies diapers on sale for $9.49


1/$1 coupon for Irish Spring

1/.25 coupon for Bounty

1/$1 for Gerber food

1/$1.50 for Huggies

$20 RR

OOP $2.35

I will also get $1 back from Caregivers Market for the Huggies.

*I need to get use to buying some items when spending RR that is going to give me back RR.


2 boxes of Gerber cereal reduced to .88 each

3 bags of new Lays Crisps on sale for $2.50 (these chips are Awesome)

4 Gerber jars of baby food .59 each

2 12 pack of coke products on sale for $2.75

2 30 ct pack of Pampers 2/$17

1 tub of Pampers wipes


1/$1 coupon for 2 boxes of cereal making them .38 each

3/$1 coupons for the Lays crisp making them $1.50 each

1/$1 for baby food makign them .34 each

1/.50 for wipes

And the diapers I had 1/$3 Target coupon (had to buy wipes) and 1/$2 off manufactory coupon making them 2 packs for $12. But I bought the wrong special on Pampers so when I went back and traded them for the right sale package, they took off my coupons again. I got 2 packs of 30 ct diapers for $7 making them .11 a diaper!

OOP $20.16 it would of cost me over $60.

Our Target didn’t have the Lipton tea on clearance like Why Ask Why’s target did – that was a bummer – I was aimed with coupons and ready! I’m getting better. Can’t wait to pick up my discounted Sunday paper for $1 tomorrow morning at Kroger to see what coupons they have for this coming week. I’m am going to try to get things we only need and buy constantly, unless something is free that I know a friend/family member uses.


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