Did I get it right?

Brace yourself for a long post!

I don’t think I did too well at the Wal-greens RR my first time around.

First try: I pleasantly shopped my cart around Wal-greens with my P&G product listing and coupons in hand. I grabbed 9 P&G low cost items and 2 packs of cookies and headed for the cashier. Everything was going well until….I only got $7 RR back. Three of that was for the cookies. I explained that something was wrong and opened up the paper to show I should of gotten $20 back in RR. Manager #1 came over and thought he might could just print me out the missing amount. Manager #2 came over and said “you can’t combine with the coupons.” I stood my ground and explained that, yes in fact you could use the coupons and still get the RRs back. Manager #2 didn’t have patience. I voided my transaction and left the store scratching my head, “what did I do wrong?”

On my way home I stopped at another Wal-greens. With my list in hand, I picked up, again, my 9 P&G items and checked out. This time it only printed $10 in RRs. I pulled out the flier and the manager reviewed. It’s not on all P&G products (my mistake) it is only for specific P&G products. He gave me the already printed $10 RR just for my trouble. Okay – I went through the store and got more toothpaste – 6 total 2/$5 with a 3/$3 off coupon which was good for $9.00 off. Then I picked up some Cascade that was on sale with a 1/$1 coupon. I needed two more items. I looked through the flyer and there wasn’t anything else I needed. I didn’t need febreze or swifter items and the toothpaste was all gone. I looked at the free after rebates – nothing I needed. In a panic I grabbed deodorant that was not on sale nor did I have a coupon. I just couldn’t concentrate. So my deodorant cost way too much – about $10 though the Secret did have an extra bonus little sample size for my purse. I spent $18 to get 20 RR – that didn’t seem like a good transaction.

However, I actually got $30 RR for my $18 of products.

Now I have a total of $36 RR.

Huggies are on sale for $9.47. Which, honestly, is not a sale for me when I normally use Parent Choice Diapers from Wal-mart for $13.93 getting 103 diapers. I have a $5 rebate I could use if I bought three packages. So I bought three thinking I could use the $30 RR. I could only use $20 RR. I ended up paying $11.10 for the three packages. I will get $5 back spending $6.10 which comes out to .06 a diaper! And wouldn’t you know it, I got home and had 2 $1.50 coupons in my mail box. I could repeat and get 9 toothpaste, get $20 RR – buy three more packs and pay $5.41. I couldn’t use the rebate twice (but yes I could – I could use my husbands name and home address on one form and my name and work address on the second one) and get them for .41 cents. Do you think I should try it? I just read the fine print on the rebate and it doesn’t say “one per a household”, it does say “while supplies last”. Gamble? I spent a total of $24.10 after rebate, earning $30 – buying 3 packages of diapers, 6 tubes of toothpaste, Cascade and 2 deodorant.

I’m not really happy with that. I have $16 in RR left. Here is my plan.

Go back and get 8 (total of 16 cause it’s two to a package) Gerber baby jar foods which are 8/$10 using two $2 coupons bringing it down to $6. Then buy the two packs of cookies for $5. Use a $10 RR and only pay $1.50 plus tax and get get $3 in RR back. So would you consider I made a profit of $1.50?

Save my, now, $9 RR for other weeks in May.

If they had more Crest toothpaste I would have been so much lower – panic struck.

Here is what I learned.

The deal is not for any P&G items, only specific ones.

You can not use more than one RR per transaction. However, when you buy the 9 P&G products and you get 2 $10 RR – you can use those in one transaction. They have to print from the same deal. **Updated – you can use more than one RR – the transaction has to equal the purchase price.

Don’t panic!

Be smart – save some RR for the next few weeks before the expire and try to get other good deals for free! In the long run, my $24.10 will pay off – right???



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2 responses to “Did I get it right?

  1. Well – technically you could have used the third 10.00 RR. You would have had to have three items though. The reason the third RR beeped is because you only had two items. As far as the register goes it’s one Q or RR per item. If you would have added a 50 cent candy the 10.00 RR would have went thru.

    I know – it’s really way to much work. 🙂 I’m sorry you had so many problems.

  2. us

    carlie – thanks for all your great advise. I think I figured out why. i had three items but each item was 9.47 so it was less then $30 – which is why I would of needed a filler. I’m learning!

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