I read blogs where people have stocked up on items from these two stores from sales, coupons and rebates. I normally only stop in these stores for quick items when there is no other place to go. I decided to join both of their e-mail clubs and card clubs.

Right now if you join CVS you get $5 off your next buy of $20. Plus you get CVS bucks back on some purchases.

Wal-greens seems like they are having some sales I can use this week. $3.99 film developing, Dawn dish soap for 99., Puffs for 89. I just spent .99 on generic tissue at Publix yesterday.

We also decided to make a list of items we like and don’t like and prices we normally pay for each. It might take some initial leg work to get this list going, but it will be a life saver for the future. I consider myself pretty fugal. I shop sales, Wal-mart, Big Lots and the Dollar General Market when I can.  I know there are other ways to save if I just give some thought and time to it.


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